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The Elevated Professional

Business Profile

10 Lincoln Place #638
Madison, NJ 07940
Phone: 973664-7647

The Elevated Professional

The Elevated Professional

Business Overview

     “Virtual assistants are ideal for the small-to-mid sized business owner. Without requiring the sacrifice of equipment, office space, vacation/sick time, they offer support on an ‘as-needed’ or project basis. We have a direct interest in making sure clients are pleased and happy with our performance, and have a better understanding of the small business or entrepreneurial arena,”. 

The Elevated Professional also offers resume writing and cover letter(s). Services include the creation, revision and presentation of a client’s work history from recent college graduate to experienced professional. It’s not only the skillset that’s important, but presentation to match, especially in an ever-increasing remote or virtual work environment. We can help clients with their cover and thank-you letters, and biographies. We serve all; from the unemployed to the underemployed. 

Our experience comes from years in the corporate sector in Fortune 500 companies including time at AT&T, Basking Ridge, NJ. Afterwards, at Novartis Pharmaceuticals, followed by Sanofi Aventis. We are a member of the National Resume Writers Association (NRWA), and the American Society of Administrative Professionals (ASAP). We are also certified NCOPE (Nationally Certfied Online Profile Expert) in writing LinkedIn profiles.

For information and to schedule a 15 minute complimentary consultation/assessment to see how we can assist you with your project needs please visit or email us at