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Membership Information

Membership offers participation in numerous business building and networking opportunities as well as discounts for a variety of Chamber specific and non-Chamber programs that are valuable to local businesses.

Madison Chamber members benefit from:

Business Referrals

Both the Chamber and its members have a wealth of information about where consumers can get the best goods and services in Madison and they gladly share it everyday. The best businesses in Madison are members of the Chamber of Commerce.

Chamber Website
The Chamber website is a great source of information for Chamber members and for all who have interest in what is going on in Madison NJ. Love Madison, Shop Madison.

Monthly Networking Opportunities
The Chamber conducts its own networking meetings and gatherings as well as joins with other Chambers for similar events.

Placemat Advertising Program at the Nautilus Diner
The Madison Area Chamber of Commerce runs an advertising program at the Nautilus Diner, a Madison landmark at 95 Main Street.  Ads are seen by thousands of patrons each year and encourage them to shop locally.   A new edition of the placemat is printed twice yearly.   To get your business on the advertiser waiting list, join the Chamber and contact the Executive Director about your interest.   Proceeds from this program help fund Chamber activities.

Ribbon Cutting Ceremonies
Chamber members and directors always gather to congratulate new businesses in town.

Valuable Association with other Businesses and Professionals
The Chamber offers lots of opportunities for fellowship and getting to know business owners and personnel from businesses in the retail district as well as numerous home based businesses and out of town organizations.

Madison Loyalty Rewards Card

The Madison Loyalty Rewards Card is a discount program for shoppers who frequent Madison's shops, eateries and service providers. Chamber members are invited to submit their "best offers" annually. The Chamber prints the cards, publishes the offers and promotes the program. There is no charge to appear on the Card. The Card retails for only $10.00 for a year's worth of savings. Revenue helps to sustain the program. The Card is available for purchase at the The Madison Pharmacy.  The Madison Loyalty Rewards Card is one our ongoing signature programs.