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Membership By-Laws

About Us

Chamber By-Laws

The governance and administration of the Madison Area Chamber of Commerce, Inc. is dictated by its By-Laws, which are revised as necessary by the Board of Directors. The By-Laws provide for a Board of Directors, the members of which are elected to proportional, staggered three-year terms by the general membership. Each member of the Board has one vote. The Board of Directors elects the Chamber's four officers - president, first vice president, second vice president and treasurer - to concurrent two-year terms. The By-Laws enable the Board of Directors to appoint a paid executive director. All Officers and members of the Board of Directors must be members in good standing of the Chamber. The By-Laws require that the Board of Directors guide the Chamber in a professional manner and ensure that it is a thriving non-profit business entity working for the benefit of its members and Madison.

red-bullet.gif To maintain a healthy business climate
red-bullet.gif To support the Madison businesses point of view on local
red-bullet.gif To attract business to Madison
red-bullet.gif To make Madison an outstanding place in which to live and work

To download a copy of our Chamber By-Laws, please click here.



Communication Policy


The Madison Area Chamber of Commerce recognizes the need to protect the privacy its Membership. The Chamber invests its time and resources to promoting Chamber business that is beneficial to the entire Membership. The Mission of the Chamber is to promote the general economic interests of the Membership and Madison. Accordingly, the Chamber’s email system and website are reserved for official Chamber business.


Exceptions are allowed only under infrequent, special circumstances. These non-business exceptions include civic or community matters that still serve the Mission of the Chamber because these matters help to make Madison a better place in which to live, work and visit.


Exceptions will be considered and determined by the President and Executive Director, and when necessary with advice from other Officers and Directors. Members have the ability to promote their own commercial endeavors through their profile pages on Chamber’s website.


The Board of Directors of the Madison Area Chamber of Commerce, of Madison, NJ, adopted the above Communication Policy on April 3, 2012.


Chamber - Communication Policy 2012.docx


Giving Policy


The Madison Area Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit business league and it is not a charitable organization. Chamber’s operations are reserved for its own activities so that it can adhere to its Mission of promoting the general economic interests of the Membership and Madison.


The Chamber does not seek charitable solicitations from other organizations or individuals and does not promote solicitations or activities for other organizations or individuals, whether they are Chamber Members or not.


Infrequently there are exceptions but a precondition for consideration is that a proposed gift does benefit the entire community. The President and Executive Director will determine the validity of a request based on the rules of this Policy. If they don’t deny the request then they will submit the request to the Board of Directors for final consideration.


 The Chamber’s main avenue for giving is through its self-funded annual scholarships for graduating Madison High School students.


            The Board of Directors of the Madison Area Chamber of Commerce, of Madison, NJ, adopted the above Giving Policy on April 3, 2012.


Chamber - Giving Policy 2012.docx