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Professional Physical Therapy & Training, LLC

Business Profile

111 Kings Road
Madison, NJ 07940
Phone: 973-270-7417
Fax: 973-270-7417

Monday 8am-8pm

Tuesday 8am-8pm

Wednesday 8am-8pm

Thursday 8am-6pm

Friday 8am-6pm

Saturday by apppointment only


Professional Physical Therapy & Training, LLC

Professional Physical Therapy & Training, LLC

Business Overview

Our patients are scheduled for one hour with their physical therapist for every session. You will not find that anywhere else. We are skilled professional clinicians who will personally and efficiently guide you through every aspect of your care. This approach allows us to get to the source of your problem, limit unnecessary visits, expedite your recovery and allows you to be actively involved in the process. Although we may have seen your injury before in other patients, your goals are different than the last patient. We will treat you, not just your injury.

We are aware that other offices claim they provide one on one treatment, but they are still scheduling patients every 15-20 minutes. This means a limited time with the therapist and the rest of the time patients are with a technician or aide who is not licensed, nor has any formal physical therapy education. Even worse, you may be left alone to complete your exercises. This wastes time, money and prolongs discomfort. Unfortunately, this is all too common and patients feel that is how all physical therapy must be. YOU WILL NOT be treated that way at Professional Physical Therapy & Training.

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